Business Meeting

Webinar: 11th November    |    3 PM GMT

Simplifying Taxation for E-Commerce

Learn from industry experts about how recent European tax changes have impacted the e-commerce market, and how you can take actionable steps to expand your business to a global market.


Attend our webinar to learn how you can grow your business while remaining VAT compliant

Singularity is pleased to be partnering with Payoneer, the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce, to discuss the industry of e-commerce taxation across the UK, the EU, and the USA.

Our webinar, Simplifying Taxation for E-Commerce, will be held on 11th November at 3:00 PM GMT (+4). 

As you know, the tax industry is ever-changing. Recently, the European Union has implemented several important changes which have had serious implications on the way e-commerce businesses operate within and around the EU. Understandably, it can often be difficult to keep up with such changes.

Our webinar aims to simplify and address these recent European tax changes and their impact on the e-commerce market. Join us to gain invaluable insight into these topics from industry experts, including Singularity’s own Managing Director, Marko Kaiser, and Gaurav Shisodia, Payoneer’s Director of Affiliate and Partnership, and Business Development lead.


Learn from our expert speakers as they break down:

  1. The changing landscape of tax and e-commerce

  2. Brexit and IOSS – what has changed between the EU and the UK

  3. E-commerce and the USA

  4. Payment compliance

  5. How to expand to the global market using Payoneer

  6. How Payoneer can help you to pay VAT

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more from Managing Director, Marko Kaiser.